Title: Chemistry, Physics sans Mathematics of Super Atom:  A ‘Self’ Appraisal of post- Big Bang Universe

Author: Dr. Rojukurthi Sudhakar Rao

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Dr. Rojukurthi Sudhakar Rao

Returning Scholar to self-directed Research in Graph Theory & Applied, India

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We are merely on a Planet which is in the Universe but not the Universe itself.  The Universe is a circle of trust for us since its carbon age of 13.5 billions of years. Make believe kinetic galaxies are ruling the Universe dashing and colliding into one another as per the scientific observations. This Paper does not jump to haste of arguments  with regard to evolution of the Knowledge all along these 13.5 billion years on the  time scale to testify to the fact that knowledge transformed and became undependable in between the generation gaps of men and women as explorers for ‘human beings’ also subject to radical  transformations to give out  knowledge of scientific value exclusively to interpret their own  origin besides that of their home Planet as well as the Galaxies and the Universe as their originator, generator and destroyer.         

This Research Paper has no Mathematics to deploy intentionally to highlight as the one and only one  leading the minds  as made out to be for the last few Centuries since truly speaking, it was not Mathematics  to take credit in the self appraisal of the super atom’s big bang Universe till the last. On the other hand, the mains are led by Chemistry & Physics sans Mathematics when it comes to the Super Atom accountable for the transparency of the standardized Knowledge worthy of authority to live a human life of 100 years on an average in the post-Big Bang Universe.

Key Words:  post-big bang, Super atom, Universe, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics.