Title: Total Energy Consumption Reduction in WSN Using Mobile Sink Node

Authors: AdeshT S, Roopa H

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Corresponding Author

AdeshT S

PG Student, Department of Information Science & Engineering, Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Clustering or grouping of sensor nodes is used to increase the performance of WSN as it reduces the total number of nodes taking part in data transmission. The proposed work reduces the total energy consumption of the cluster based WSN using mobile sink mechanism. Mobile sink node is made to move in a boundary of the network. Cluster heads adjust their routing path towards the moving sink node for data transmission. Experimental results are provided with different cases of input data pattern and mobility of the sink node to show efficiency of the proposed mechanism. Results show that the proposed mechanism reduces the total energy consumption of the network when compared with the static sink network. It also reduces the work load on the penultimate node of the static sink node.

Keywords- WSN, Clustering, Mobile sink node, Cluster head, Energy consumption.