Title: Recognition of Veins in Sclera for Human Identification

Authors: Ridhika Chopra, Prof Minal Puranik, Prof Vidya Gogate

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Corresponding Author

Ridhika Chopra

Electronics Department, Mumbai University

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The vein structure in the sclera, the white and opaque outer protective covering of the eye, is anecdotally stable over time and unique to each person. As a result, it is well suited for use as a biometric for human identification. Sclera recognition poses several challenges: the vein structure moves and deforms with the movement of the eye and its surrounding tissues; images of sclera patterns are often defocused and/or saturated; and, most importantly, the vein structure in the sclera is multi-layered and has complex non-linear deformation. Here proposed a new method for sclera recognition, a line descriptor along with feature extraction, registration, and matching method that is scale, orientation, and deformation invariant, and can mitigate the multi-layered deformation effects and tolerate segmentation error.

Keywords:-sclera recognition, sclera veins, sclera matching.