Title: Optimization and Analysis of Process parameters on MRR in EDM of AISI D3 Die Steel using SiC as Dielectric

Authors: Palak Nagpal, Dr Abhishek Kamboj

 DOI :

Corresponding Author

Palak Nagpal

MTech. Research Scholar, Dept of Mechanical Engg.,

Haryana Engg. College, Jagadhri, Haryana, INDIA


In the manufacturing industries, various machining processes are adopted for removing the material from the work piece to obtain finished product. Due to demands for alloy materials having high hardness, toughness and impact in aerospace and automotive industries; it is very difficult to use conventional machining methods to remove the material from the work piece.

The unconventional methods of machining have several specific advantages over conventional methods of machining. These methods are not limited by hardness, toughness, and brittleness of the material and can produce any intricate shape on any work piece material by suitable control over the various physical parameters of the processes.

Among the various unconventional machining processes, electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology has grown tremendously. The EDM provides the best alternative or sometimes the only alternative for machining conductive, exotic, high strength and temperature resistive materials. In this research we have used RSM & DOE for optimization of MRR in EDM using AISID3 die steel.

Keywords—Electrical discharge machining; Material Removal rate; Response Surface Methodology; ANOVA, Design of Experiments (DOE)