Title: Drugs Use Among the Youth In Rwanda: A Public Health Concern And Family’ Challenge

Authors: Dr James Ngamije (BTech, M.Tech. Env. Health, PhD), Dr Callixte Yadufashije (BSc, PDPH, MSc.CE, PhD)

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Corresponding Author

Dr Callixte Yadufashije (BSc, PDPH, MSc.CE, PhD)

Department of Nursing, Rusizi International University, Rusizi, Rwanda

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Although the prevalence rate of illicit drugs among the youths in Rwanda is colorless compare to the statistics in the region, conditions are present exposing children and adolescents to drugs abuse.  A token review of Rwandan newspapers and media as well as scientific paper reveals that alcohol and illicit drugs abuse among the youths is of major concern in rural and urban areas (Kanyoni, Gishoma, & Ndahindwa, 2015). Although drugs use among the youths is not new in Rwandan families and use in ceremony, the recent abuse of illicit drugs particularly cannabis among the teenager and adolescents population has become a major public policy issue and a serious public health problem.