Title: QSCK: Quick Search using Searchable Chipertext Keywords for Cloud Storage

Authors: Vomshi P R, Prof. Mr. Shashidhara H.S.

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Corresponding Author

Vomshi P R

Department of Information Science and Engineering, MS Ramaih Institute of Technology, MSR College Road, MSR Nagar, Bangalore 560054,Karnataka, India

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 8971485844


At present scenario, data owners are storing their data in semi trusted cloud storage. Since the cloud storage is not fully trusted the data should be encrypted and stored in cloud. If the stored data volume is huge, for retrieval there should be a search engine and index keyword. If hackers are getting the index keyword they have the clue of the important files so that, in this system we are introducing searchable chipertext keywords. That means the keywords are in encrypted form. Consider access control over the cloud data, the technic at present used are Attribute Based Encryption (ABE) or Identity Based Encryption (IBE)  these techniques requires lot of computation and slow in retrieval process. In proposed system we are using Bloom Filter based Chipertext index keywords which provide the search result very quickly with less computation and process.

Keywords— Access Control. Data Security and Integrity. Attribute Based Encryption. Qucik Search. Verifiable Keyword. Ciphertext keyword. identity based Encryption.