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Title: Comparative Studies on Techniques for Transportation Problem of Initial Basic Feasible Solution (IBFS)

Authors: S.O .Adejuwon, A.O. Ilesanmi, V.G. Jemilohun

 DOI : https://dx.doi.org/10.18535/ijetst/v5i6.01

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Adejuwon Samuel Oluwaseun

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Transportation model is a special class of linear programming problem in which the objective is to transport or distribute a single commodity or goods from various sources/origins to different destination at a maximum total cost. There are three methods to solve initial basic feasible solution in transportation problem (IBFS) all these methods were consider and their results were comparing with each other’s. The research finding shows that Vogel’s Approximation method (operation method)   is better than  all other methods such as Least cost method (Business mans method) and  Northwest corner method (laymans method).i.e. VAM< LCM< NWCM (N 3520<N 3670<N 3680).This study will enable companies to take advantage of this opportunity to improve on their supply chain. Based on the study findings as presented in (VAM), the study recommends that optimum solution can be attained through the following routes: IB, ID, OC, OD, OA, and EA.

Keywords: Transportation problem; balanced transportation problem; unbalanced transportation problem; dummy; origin; destination; northwest corner method; least cost method; Vogels Approximation method and Shipment.