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Title: Secure Auditing and Deduplications Data In Cloud Using Fuzzy Techniques

Authors: V.Nagaraj* ,G.Sasireka*, S.Mangaiyarkarasi                                       

Title: An Efficient And Secured Way Of Routing In Hybrid Wireless Sensor Network

Authors: Abinaya C, Bowya S, Gousalya devi G,  PriyaNandhini R, Ms. A.Agalya M.E                                       

Title: Energy Saving Opportunity By Vapour Recompression Distillation Unit

Authors: Vishal P Upadhyay1*, Bijesh Bind2, Dinesh Bhutada1                                       

Title: A High Gain E-Band Power Amplifier Using 45nm CMOS Technology

Authors: N. Muthumaheswaran1P. Kabilamani2and Dr. D. Lakshmi3                                       

Title: Web Application: Unique Id Card

Authors: Sanjay Kumar Sah1, Vishwa Ranjan Kumar2, Mr. Vijaya kumar CM                                       

Title: Design And Implementation Of Energy Generated By Perpetual Motion Machine

Authors: S.Elango, P.Dinesh, S.Gokulraj, P.Gopalkannan                                       

Title: Novel Technology: Single Page Web Application

Authors: Bipradip Roy1, Sk Rubel2                                       

Title: Master–Slave Flip- Flops Using Transmission Gate By Accessing High Speed Design Values

Authors: G. Naveen Balaji1, K. Ambhikavathi2,S. Geethiga3                                       

Title: Effects Of Waste Materials Using As Partial Replacement Of Conventional Filler In Asphalt Mixture

Authors: Junaid Ahmed Barbhuiya1,Jit Banerjee2 and Pabitra Rajbongshi3                                       

Title: Alternate Way Of Electricity Generation From Solar Power

Authors: Vivek S1, Anuharshini S2, Suganthi K3, Divya K4.                                      

Title: A Sub-Threshold SRAM Design For Stability Improvement In Low Power

Authors: J.Karthick1 and Dr. D. Lakshmi2.                                      

Title: Wavelet Based Bearing Health Condition Monitoring

Authors: Najad K K1, Shrikantha S.Rao2and VPS Naidu3.                                      

Title: Dynamic Swarm Intelligent Technique For Realizing Intelligent Routing InWireless Sensor Network’s

Authors: S.S.Aravinth1, K.Bhuvaneshwari2, K.Janani2, G.R.Manjunath2, P.Saidharsan2                                      

Title: Economical Robotic Vacuum cleaner

Authors: Sondiraraj.P, bhuvaneshwari.k                                     

Title: Authentication & Isolation of Cryptographic Services for Cloud Computing

Authors: Madhavi Shyamsunder Shinde                                     

Title: Energy Management In Decentralized Generations System Using Energy Storage Systems

Authors: Suresh. N, Sangeetha. N,Vijayanand.K                                     

Title: Implementation Of Configurable Amplifier Using Memristor

Authors: P.Kamalakannan1, R.Venkatesan2, P.Srinivasan3                                     

Title: Telemetry Lung Function Monitoring Devices

Authors: S.Karthikeyan1,P.Srinivasan2,R.Venkatesan3                                     

Title: A study and analysis of value management concepts in construction projects

Authors: SR. Raaj Preethe(PG)1,Dr.S. Thenmozhi M.E Ph.D 2 (Professor and Head)                                    

Title: A Switched Capacitor Three Phase Ac-Ac Converter With Closed Loop Control

Authors: Keerthana.A1,  Mr.R. Pazhanimurugan, M.Tech2                                    

Title: Improved Performance Of Dstatcom Using Fuzzy Logic Control For Reactive Power Compensation

Authors: S. Amali Arputha Mary1 , K. Kalpana2                                    

Title: A Comparative Study Between Eulerian And Hamiltonian Graphs

Authors: Radhika M                                    

Title: Feasibility Study of Beeswax as Thermal Energy Storage Media

Authors: R.Balaji1, K.Soundaranayaki2, A. Mercy Vasan3                                    

Title: Low Complexity Joint User Relay Selection and Association for Multi User Multi Relay MIMO Uplink

Authors: P.Merin Dayana1and J.Friska2                                    

Title: Sparse Channel Estimation For Mimo-Ofdm Systems Using Sparsity Adaptive Simultaneous Orthogonal Matching Pursuit(Sa-Somp) Algorithm

Authors: S.Denitta Adline1, D.Regi Timna2                                    

Title: Failure Analysis And Optimization Of Reheater And Super Heater Tubes

Authors: P.Praveen1, A.Suresh2, M.Vimal3 and R.Vignesh4                                    

Title: Power Factor Correction Using Sepic Converter Based On Fuzzy Logic Controller For Bldc Motor

Authors: Janat ul Ferdoez 1, Dr. C. Venkatesan2, D. Saravanan3                                    

Title: Nonlinear Time History Analysis of Retrofitted RCC Frames with Bracings

Author: Dr. Akil Ahmed                                    

Title: Analysis Of H6-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Using Different Multicarrier PWM Technique

Authors: Shiyamsundar.C1,  Mr.D. Saravanan, M.E2,  Dr. C.Venkatesan, M.E., Ph.D., 3                                    

Title: Wireless Safety Device For Workers Working Underground

Authors: Ankit Jha, Arpit Govila, Aradhana Patra, K. Harisudha                                    

Title: Dairy Wastewater Treatment Using Natural Adsorbents

Authors: Ramya.C1, Sowmeyan.M2, P.Balaganesh                                    

Title: Decentralized On-Demand Joint Routing Cognitive Radio Network

Author: V.Thilakavathy, Mercy.W                                    

Title: Improved Approach For Predicting The Bug Triage Using Data Reduction Methods

Authors: S. Suganya1, R. Venkadesh2                                    

Title: Parametric Study Of Hole Taper In Laser Micro-Drilling Of Copper Sheet

 Authors: K. K. Mandal1, B. Chatterjee2, A. S. Kuar3 and S. Mitra4                                    

Title: Home Monitoring System For Disabled & Elderly

Authors: Suman Hotwani, Pradyumn Jain, TanmayBagla, K.Harisudha,                                    

Title: Fuzzy Filter And Local Tone Mapping Based Image Denoising And Enhancement

Authors: M. Keerthika1, M. Kogila2, A. Poongodi3                                    

Title: Controlling Electronic Devices Simply Through Mind (The World Is Changing!!)

Authors: Sathish Kumar. A1 , Samrajkavin.D2, Rekha.M3, Ramya.K.V4,Sadishkumar.S.T5                                    

Title: Elastometer 3d Printing Of Smart Objects

Authors: A.Vasantharaj, A.Pavithra, P.Sampooarana Devi                                    

Title: Used Mathematical Models For Finding Multiple Data Imputation In Main Stream

Authors: P.Logeshwari, Dr.Antony Selvadoss Thanamani                                    

Title: Voltage Gain Of A Dc-Dc LlcType  Resonant  Converter

Authors: 1A.Inthumathi, 2Mr.J.Nagendiran                                    

Title: SecurityIssues and Challenges in Cloud Computing

Author: Priya.S                                    

Title: Access Control based Dynamic Groups to overcome Collusion Attacks in Cloud

Authors: Mrs.A.Chitra, M.Tech, ( Ph.D), P.Prince, Sandeep.S, V.R.Vishnu Varthan                                   

Title: Quadrifilar Helix Antenna For Small Satellites

Authors: R.Rini Sowmya1, Dr.G.Murugesan2                                   

Title: A Neoteric Information Sending Ambulance Using Embedded Technology for Saving Victim’s Golden Hours

Authors: B.Krishnaprasanth1, I.Mahendran2, M.Kavin3, S.Muralidhran4, Mrs S.Kalpanadevi5                                   

Title: Smart Class- A Digitalized Modern Classroom

Authors: Akshaya.P.R1, Krishnaprasanth.B2, Elakkiya.E3, Kavitha.N                                   

Title: Classification Techniques For Streaming Data : A Survey

Authors: M. Sivaranjani1, K. Divya2, S. Jayapriya3, G. Madhubala4                                  

Title: Z-Source Inverter Based Speed Control Of  Sensorless Brushless DC Motor

Authors: M.Ezhilarasu, K.Kalaiyarasi                                  

Title: Automatic Parking and Retrieve Assist System Using Android Smartphone

Authors: Revathy S,  Monika R, Kayathri J                                  

Title: Brainy Cane ForVisual Challengers

Authors: Krishnaprasanth.B 1, Mahendran.I2, Mathiyarasu.M3, Rajendiran.M4                                  

Title: Study On Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of Nano Clay Reinforced EVA/SBR Rubber Blend Composites

Authors: Asok Kumar. K, Subramanian. N (2)                                  

Title: A Colossal Speed,Low Power Cam Architecture

Author: J.keerthana                                  

Title: Flywheel Energy Storage With MechanicalInput-Output For Regenerative Braking

Authors: N.Karthik Kumaran [1] , R.S.Shandeep[2] ,I.Esther Maria[3],M.Durga Devi[4]                                  

Title: Securing Cloud Data with Symmetric Key Algorithm AES

Authors: ThangaRevathi S1, Dr.N.Ramaraj2                                  

Title: Drawer Compacted Sand Filter For Grey Water Treatment

Author: Reshmi C Raju                                  

Title: Survey on Agile Software Development in an Industrial Perspective

Authors: 1Ramya.J, 2Prashanth.G.M, 3Santhoshkumar.M, 4Dr.S.Karunakaran                                  

Title: Compact Tablet Supplying Device for Blind People

Authors: S.Santhosh1,K.Srikanth2, S.Pranesh3 , S.Prashanth4,  B.Sharath Kumar5                                  

Title: Behaviour Of Shear Wall With Symmetric And Asymmetric Opening Subjected To Axial And Lateral Loads

Authors: Saranya S1 and Dr Job Thomas2                                  

Title: Engine Control Safety System (Side Stand & Brake Failure)

Authors: Mr. S.RAJAVEL, ME1, A.ARULMURUGAN2                                  

Title: Implementation Of Zone Partitioning In SLR Protocol Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Ragavi.K1, Kokila.L2, Nita.P3, N.Jothy4