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Special Issue [INC-BEST 2016]

Title: Pneumatic Reciprocating Hacksaw Machine

Authors: K.Sathishkumar, N.Ugesh, K.Vignesh  and P.B.Sanjeeva Prasath

Title: Assessment of Groundwater Quality at Avadi, Chennai.

Authors: A. Latha, V.T. Anubharathi, C. Deepika, R. Jayanthi

Title: Continuous Data Logging of Three Phase Parameters and Detection of Fault Using GSM Technology

Authors: Ms.Devjani Banerjee, Prof Dr.Mrs.N.R.Kulkarni

Title: Human Powered and Remote control based Hydro Solar Ploughing Machine

Authors: K.Dhilip Kumar , M.Purushothaman , E.Kothandapani  , M.Rajaparthiban

Title: Data Visualization Using Tableau Tool For Effective Decision Making

Authors: S. Nandhini, R Priyadharshini, T Karthikeyan, Dr. T. SitaMaha Lakshmi

Title: Wall Thickness Analysis In Induction Furnace For Optimum Heat Transfer Using ANSYS

Authors: V.Madhusudhan ,S.DhivyaPriya

Title: Silicon Polymer Thermal Protection Systems & Hot Structure for Hypersonic Vehicles

Authors: Suresh.P, Madasamy.S, Sridhar.K  and Suthan.R

Title: Room temperature, Base Catalysed, and Convenient Protocol for Synthesis of (E)-α,β- Unsaturated Ketones Under Ultrasonic Irradiation

Authors: M. Suresh  and Navin Kumar

Title: Review on Expert Systems for Casting Defects Analysis, Diagnosis and Preventions

Authors: P. Sathish Kumar, Dr. A. Ramesh, K.Sathishkumar

Title: Experimental investigation of wear behaviour of electroless nickel plating on grey cast iron

Authors: Santha Kumar.C , Ilaiyavel.S

Title: Influence of Finned Surfaces on The Elevation of Critical Heat Flux in Flow Boiling

Authors: Nivedhan K, Ajith Krishnan, Udaya Kumar G, Suresh S

Title: Dependance of Water Collection Rate on Surfaces With Varying Wettability

Authors: Prakash V, 2Udaya Kumar G, 2Suresh S, 1Sathyanarayanan N

Title: Digital Rights Management in 3D Printing: A Proposed Reference Architecture for Design-toFabrication Security and Licensing

Authors: Timothy J. Wade , S.R. Subramanya

Title: An Approach With Sensor For Real Time Railway Track Surveillance System

Authors: K.S.Vidhya, M.Lavanya, A.Abinayapriya, S.Kaaviya, R.Saravanan, C.Sivapragash

Title: A Modern Gsm Based Announcement And Student Feedback System

Authors: Sangami.D  , Nivetha.M , Rahmankhan.R , Vaitheesh.S

Title: A Modified Multiplier Architecture Design With Adaptive Hold Logic And Razor Flip Flop

Authors: S.Suvarna , K.Rajesh

Title: Topology Changes For Recovering Nodefailure In Wireless Sensor Networks 

Authors: S. Thilagavathi , C.Babu

Title: A Load Balanced Clustering And Mobile Data Gathering Using Sencar In Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: c, C.Gomathi

Title: Performance and analysis of Flat plate Spiral copper Tube in Black Body Solar Water Heater by Thermoshyphon Method

Authors: Bharathi N , Bharath S , Deepan S, Harirajamoorthy R

Title: An Efficient Dynamic Privacy-Preserving Secure Knn Classification Using Semi-Honest Model 

Authors: A.Abirami And Dr. D.Chandrakala

Title: Adaptable Control of Unidirectional AC-DC Boost Converters to Reduce Harmonic distortion and Improve Power Factor for Power Quality

Authors: M.Malathi , Dr.C.Christober Asir Rajan

Title: Large-Scale Cascaded PV Systems With Independent Maximum Power Point Traction Coupled With Multilevel Inverter

Authors: Madhivadhana.R , Christober Asir Rajan.C

Title: An Noval Architecture to Enable Both Cloud Providers and Consumers to Monitor and Control the Cloud Resources

Authors: S.Subhashini, M.Suguna

Title: An Effective Generic Summary Creation of Multi And Single Documents Using Genetic Algorithm 

Authors: V.S.Raj kumar  and Dr.D.Chandrakala

Title: Preparation and characterization of metal supported fly ash brick clay catalyst for heterogeneous Advanced Oxidation Processes

Authors: Neha Pandey, Nitin Pawar, Prabir Ghosh

Title: Removal of Nickel from Aqueous Solution using Magnetic Nanoparticle Impregnated on Tea Waste as Adsorbent

Authors: N. R. Pawar, N. Pandey, D.Ghime, P. K. Chaudhari

Title: Fusion of Left And Right Palm Print Identification Using Novel Frame Work Algorithm

Authors: Mr.M.Vinoth, Anitha.A , Anjali.M , Jasmine Rani.J , Jayakousalya.J

Title: Map Based Multicopy Dynamic Data Possesion In Cloud Computing

Authors: karthikeyan.G, Libin Sunny, Praveen. Sushmitha.S

Title: Dual Usage Of Sewage Water – Enhancing Production Of Pure Water And Electricity Incorporated With Manganese And Microbial Fuel Cell

Authors: M.Tamilarasi, R.Mohanraj, R.Praveenkumar, P.Velumani

Title: Making Chennai City Digitalized Using Internet Of Things

Authors: Prasanth Venugopal, Nijanthan Balaji, R.Sunderajan  and K Naveen Raj

Title: Hygxacrsa: Graph Based Hybrid Xml Access Control Integrating Rsa View-Based And Fine Tuning Approaches

Authors: Nivetha S, Nandakumar G.S

Title: “Experimental Investigaton On Improvement Of High Swelling Soil By Adding Admixtures”

Authors: Ms.D.Mythili, Mrs.M.Sudha, Raksha Chettri, Swopnil Shrestha

Title: Performance Analysis of Vapor Compression Refrigeration System Using Al2O3/TiO2/CuO–R1234yf Nano Fluid as Refrigerant

Authors: T. Coumaressin, K. Palaniradja, M. Sathishkumar, R.Mathivanan

Title: Synthesis And Characterization Of Aluminium Glass Fiber Nano Panels

Authors: A.Thiagarajan, Indugula V V S L Durga Prasad, R. Soundararajan, R. Ramprathaban

Title: IOT Based Electricity Billing And Saving System

Authors: Kapratwar Kedar, Bharvirkar Satyan, Karpe Pratik, Prof. S. D. JOSHI

Title: A Novel Approach on Reuse and Regeneration of Electricity

Author: Sheena Latif, Haja Mohideen, Harikrishnan S, Abhijith Raj and Arun V S

Title: Design And Contrive Of An In-Shoe Triaxial Force And Pressure Measurement For Diagnosing Foot Ailments

Author: N.P.Dharani , Alby babu                                                            



Title: Secured Transmission And Visibility In Data Centric Protection In Cloud

Author:  Abhishek J, Abi Ezhilan, Mouli J E                                                         


Title: Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy : A Sustainable and everlasting form of Renewable Energy

Author: Yogender Pal Chandra , S. K. Mohapatra , J. P. Kesari

Title: A Performance Study of Hybrid Routing Protocol using Mobile Adhoc Network

Author:  Hamela K, Kathirvel Ayyaswamy

Title: Analysing Retinal Image of Diabetic Retinotherapy By Automated Vessel Segmentation

Author:   Ghayathri K ,Kalaivani KLavanya MKarthic S

Title: Treatment Of Water By Using Water Softening Techniques For Iron Removal

Author:   A.Latha, Dr.R.Ganesan, Dr.A.S.Kanagalakshmi

Title: A Review On Impact of land use over Water Bodies in Chennai

Author: B.Krishnakumari, K.Deepa  and K.V.Priya

Title: Decolourization Oftextileeffluent By Using Advancedtreatment Process: A Review

Author:  G. Latha, V. Jayashree, R. Ramya

Title: Removal of Iron Content From Drinking Water By Using Coconut Coir And Sugar Bag

Author: B.Krishnakumari, P.Iyshwarya, R.G.Ramya Gayathri& N.Sangeetha

Title: Efficient Multicast Routing By Fuzzy Based Energy For Vanet

Author:  P.Packiya lakshmi, S.Tharanya Devi , R.Kaviya

Title: Secure Logging As a Service Using Hybrid Cloud Approach

Author: S.Salini, 2R.Selva vanaja, 3B.Gomathi Nayagam

Title: A Smart Phone Based Packet Fall Accident Detection Positioning And Rescue System

Author:  Sankareswari .V, Ms. Gomathi Nayagam

Title: Implementing Intelligent Toll Collection, check post system for highway and stolen vehicle detection

Author:   P.Patricia Joybell , G.Samayojitha, M.Saranya, Mrs.P.Elavarasi

Title: Improved Access control model for Mobile Cloud participants enhanced with privacy preserving technologies

Author:    Sowndharya.R, Kalaivani.S

Title: Dynamic selection of best network access point and effective handover in VANET with LET

Author: J.Sanjay, B.Prabhakaran , R.Vignesh

Title: New Method for Resisting Network Layer Denial of Service Attack on MANET using OLSR

Author:  Gomathi G, Haseenah begum A, Naveen Gupta H, Mowna Priya, Priyadharsini A

Title: Modeling To Predict The Shape Of Spray Formed Deposit (Disc)

Author:    Sandeep Kumar, Kapil Dev Sharma, Aruna Tomar , Devendra Singh



Title: Secure Deduplication with Authorized Duplicate Check Using Convergent Encryption in Cloud

Authors: V.P.Selvanathan1 , M.Suguna2