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Authors: Mr.Aravindhan.R, Dr.Jayanthi.S                                      

Title: Underwater Aircraft Object Detection Using Ofdm Transceiver

Authors: Aravind.K, Madhavi.A.T                                      

Title: Identifiaction Of Alzheimer’s Disease Based On The Brain Iron Analysis Using Modified Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (Mqsm)

Authors: Anton Shijou J, Sudha S                                      

Title: Wireless Sensor Network Assited Fire Detection And Prevention With Classification Algorithms

Author: Brinda.s                                      

Title: Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Based Clustering Algorithm And Its Application For Denoising The Digital Images.

Authors: Sibina N, Vimal Raj                                      

Title: Dictionary Based Speech Recognition Using Joint Gaussian Mixture Model And Hidden Markov Models

Authors: M.Joshna, K.L.Hemalatha                                      

Title: Optimization of soot blower control

Authors: Bharathi.P, Dheepika.S, Nandhini.R, Valli.M                                      

Title: Localization Of Node For Sensor Networks Based On Self-Organizing Maps

Authors: Jnyanasri Goswami, Dr. T. Godhavari                                      

Title: Identifying The Range And Shape Of Brain Tumour With Open Cv Using Boundary Detection Algorithm

Authors: R.Akila, K.Sudhaman                                      

Title: A Survey On Applications Of Iot And Their Solutions

Author: Darsi Madhavi, Andrew Alex Frandus                                      

Title: Image Enhancement In Motion Detection And Background Subtraction Using Super Resolution Algorithm

Authors: S.Nithya, Mr.K.Shankar M.Tech.,(Ph.D)                                      

Title: Low Cost Radar For Target Movement And Heartbeat Measurement

Authors: Allton Shibhu .J, Sudha .S                                     

Title: OFDM Systems Using ZC Sequences

Authors: Remya B, Ashish Franci                                    

Title: Open Circuit Voltage Based Mppt Tracking For Thermoelectric Generator Fed Synchronous Buck-Boost Derived Converter – Part I (Simulation Studies)

Authors: Rajbhushan.M, Nalini.S                                    

Title: Segmentation And Feature Extraction For Skin Lesions Description

Authors: S. Vimala, E. Jebamalar Leavline                                    

Title: Intelligent Car Parking And Security Management System

Authors: Anusha.A.B, Bharathi.S                                    

Title: Implementation of MFCC Extraction Architecture and DTW Technique in Speech Recognition System

Authors: R.M.Sneha1, K.L.Hemalatha                                    

Title: Iris Recognition

Authors: Priya.K.S, Anu Mol B                                    

Title: User Session Identification and Clustering from Web Server Logs

Authors: J.Monisha Privthy Jeba, M.S.Bhuvaneswari, K.Muneeswaran                                    

Title: Selecting Distinct Features Using Class-Specific Codebooks Based On Self-Organizing Map For Image Classification

Authors: R.Sivaranchani, S.Vanitha Sivagami, K.Muneeswaran                                    

Title: Spatial And Visual Adjacency Based Histogram Construction For Effective Image Classification

Authors: Gomathy.S, Vanitha Sivagami.S, Nagajothi.M                                    

Title: Iot Based Wireless Healthcare Monitoring

Authors: T.Saraswathi, S.Amutha                                   

Title: Mining of Gene Expression Data for Cancer Classification

Authors: D.Gayathri, B.Lakshmanan                                   

Title: Medical Image Fusion By PCA Method And Implementation On FPGA

Authors: V.Saravanan, Mr G. Babu, Dr. R. Sivakumar, Dr. Elwin Chandra Monie                                   

Title: Performance Analysis Of Distinct Equalizers For MIMO Channels

Authors: T.Thivagar, R.Iniyavan                                   

Title: Implementation Of Wishbone Interface For System Based Noc

Authors: V. Sharathkumar, Dr. S. Ramasamy                                   

Title: Multiple Object Detection And Classification Using Raspberry Pi

Authors: Usha S, Arun Raja A                                   

Title: Multilevel Authentication With Key Aggregation Using Various Biometric Systems

Authors: G.Surya Murthy, Prof H.Parveen Begam                                   

Title: Experimental Investigation On Structural Behaviour of High  Performance Concrete Beams using Light Weight Aggregate in Different Layers

Authors: S.Vijayalakshmi, D. Sri Ruban                                   

Title: Collaborative Path Tracing System (CPTS): A Novel Approach for Detecting Black Hole Attacks in MANET 

Authors: S. Vadhana Kumari, Dr. B. Paramasivan                                   

Title: Network Forensics And Its Investigation Methodology

Authors: M.Elavarasi                                   

Title: A Scalable Architecture For Lifting Based 2D DWT With Improved Memory Efficiency

Authors: R.Kishorekumar, D.Sangeetha                                   

Title: An Enhanced Noise Removal System for Hyper Spectral Images

Authors: Dr. S. V. Manisekaran , C. Arunpandiya                                   

Title: Experimental Study On The Use Of Additives Like Pmma, Eva, Abs & Coir Fibre In Bituminous Concrete Mixes For Pavements

Authors: Dr.M.Muralikrishna, T.Karthikeyan, R.Nandhakumar, M.Sathiyanesan, K.Sudhakar                                   

Title: Implementing Radio Over Fiber SCM ASK For Providing Broadband Wireless Access

Authors: S.Anupriya, P.Geetha M.E, (Ph.D)                               

Title: Aerodynamic Performances Analysis Of Supersonic Aerofoil Under Subsonic Condition

Authors: N.Karthikkumaran, S.Manonmani, K.S.Kavinprasath, R.Pradeepkumar                            

Title: Design And Analysis Of Low Power Carry Look Ahead Adder Using Subthreshold Adiabatic Logic

Authors: S.Soundarya, Ms.S.Anusooya