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Special Issue [INC-MEET’16]

Title: Region Growing And Phase Correlation Based Segmentation For Texture Images

Author: Pankaj Sangamnere                            

Title: Modern Approach For Irrigation And Fertigation

Author: Gourav Bankar                           

Title: Simulation Of Stator Winding Fault Of Three Phase Induction Motor Using Motor Current Signature Analysis

Authors: Kiran G Mathure, Uttam B Vaidya                           

Title: Efficient Flow Control And Congestion Averting Mechanism In NOC Router Architecture

Authors: Chandralekha D, Dr.X.Susan Christina M.E., Ph.D.                           

Title: Image Processing Application For Smart Parking

Authors: Manjiri Phadnis, Prof K.S.Bapat                           

Title: Base Meadiated Regioselective Aldolization/ Aldol Condensation: Synthesis Of Β-Ketols And (E)-Α,Β-Unsaturated Ketones Under Ultrasonic Irradiation

Author: M. Suresh                           

Title: A Client Side Service Access Layer For Internet Of Things (Iot)

Author: Joju N C , Shyni S T                           

Title: A Survey of Software Test Estimation Techniques

Author: S.Saravana Kumar                           

Title: FPGA Based Cryptosystem With Data Acquisition For Defense Application

Authors: Monica Kamtamkar, Mrs. Prof. K S Bapat                           

Title: Zigbee Based Boat Monitoring And Border Alert System By Using Gps

Authors: Jayahari. V, Mahendran. M, Karuna .S, Akhil .E                           

Title: SABB (Secondary Auto - Ejecting Black Box)

Authors: Vimalraj .K, Mahendran .M, Mani Priya .M, Jayahari .V                           

Title: An Efficient Fault Detection Method ForFifo Buffers Of Noc Routers

Authors: Ranjitha.R and Latha.N                           

Title: Li-Fi Technology-A Survey On The Applications, Advantages And Limitations

Author: Anju Das                          

Title: Design Of High Performance System On Chip Master Slave Based Advanced Dma

Authors: Suraj Kumar S, Dr.X.Susan Christina M.E., Ph.D                          

Title: Speeder Than Light (Time Travel)

Authors: J.Nisanthar, S.D Saravana, P.Selva Vikram                          

Title: Data Dissemination Protocols ForInternet-Of-Things – A Study

Authors: Minu Elizabeth Tom, Dr. R Vijayakumar                          

Title: Waste Water Treatment Using Bio-Ocat Technology

Authors: A.Anjalin Sneha, K.Abirami, R.Jayasakthivel                          

Title: Peripheral Virtual Component Interface For Advanced Interconnect Protocols

Authors: Kulandaisamy I, Dr.X.Susan Christina M.E., Ph.D.                          

Title: A Study on Metaheuristic Optimization Approach for Data Clustering

Authors: K. Nafees Ahmed and Dr.T. Abdul Razak                          

Title: Sensor Reprograming Methods In Iot, A Detailed Study

Authors: Nirmal B, Dr. R Vijayakumar                          

Title: The temple tanks of Tharamangalam, Tamilnadu: structural features and quality aspects of the tanks

Author: M.Alaguraj